Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is absent?

If your child is going to be absence please call the attendance office between 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on the first day of his or her absence at (520) 723-2702 and press option 1. Parents/guardians need to call the office or send a note to excuse any absences. Official documents from doctors serve to administratively excuse the absence. Please call in or submit your note to the attendance office with 24 hours of your child's absence. Excessive absences will result in your child being dropped from a class or the school rolls.

What is the process for child to receive lunch?

Coolidge Unified School District will be participating in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. As part of this program, Coolidge High School, Coolidge Junior High, Coolidge Alternative Program, Heartland Ranch Elementary, and West Elementary will offer healthy meals every school day at NO COST to the students due to the implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision for the school year 2020-2021. Students will be able to participate in these meal programs without having to pay a fee or submit a household application. 

What are cafeteria rules?

Student can only eat in the lunchroom. They should use good table manners, eat while seated, talk using quiet voices, and enter and exit the lunchroom in an orderly manner. All students are expected to remain at their assigned tale until dismissed and they are also expected to keep their area clean. Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:30 am and lunch times are scheduled by grade level (see your child's teacher for his or her schedule).

How do I register my child at West School?

In order to register your child, we require the following:

a completed student enrollment card
an original, certified birth certificate
an immunization record
proof of residence (e.g. utility bill, proof of mortgage, residence lease, etc.)

CUSD now offers Online Registration for new students and returning. Please click here to access the online registration website with more information. 

How do I withdraw a student from West School?

In order to withdraw a student from Coolidge District, please come by the school office at least one day before your child's last day at school. You'll need to:

-Sign a state withdrawal form for the release of records
-Return book and materials
-Clear outstanding fees
-Obtain transfer forms to take to your student's new school

Can I visit campus?

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will not be accepting visitors on campus at this time. 

Can I volunteer my time at the school?

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will not be accepting volunteers on campus at this time. 

What if my child gets sick while at school?

The school nurse is there to render emergency aid for illness or accidents that occur at school. However, we can not keep a sick child at school. It is the parents' responsibility to make arrangements to have a relative or neighbor pick up a child who is ill. Please do not send your child to school when he/she is sick. Although we encourage children to attend school every day, we do not want a sick child in the classroom exposing the other children, and the teacher to his/her illness. Also, be sure the nurse is given updated phone numbers throughout the year, as well as any change of address.

What if my child needs to take medication while at school?

When a child must take medicine in order to remain in school, according to Arizona State Law the following requirements must be met:

A physician must prescribe the medication
A required form must be signed by a parent or guardian, which authorizes the school nurse to administer the medication. (Form available in the nurse's office).
The medication must come to the nurse's office in the original prescription bottle as put up by the pharmacist.
The medication must be stored in the nurse's office.
Students are not allowed to carry medication on campus, prescription or non-prescription.

Is there a student dress code?

See the student handbook for specific details, but a few of the requirements include:

-Shoes must be worn (slippers are not considered appropriate shoe wear)
-Headwear, hair rollers, and sunglasses are prohibited
-Bare midriffs, see-through garments (ex: pajamas), white undergarment-type shirts, barebacks, halter tops, low-cut blouses and pants, tank tops, spaghetti straps, and cutoffs are prohibited. 
-Mid-thigh shorts (no cutoffs or gym shorts) may be worn. Pants must be worn on the hips (no sagging)
-Obscene, profane language, or provocative pictures on clothing or jewelry are prohibited.
-Clothes are to cover the stomach (pants and blouses or shirts are to meet).
-Shirts, sweatshirts, or hats with pictures or slogans in poor taste are not permitted, e.g., "alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or sexual or satanic innuendos."

What are the school bus rules?

The student handbook provides detailed bus rules and students need to understand that in order to make it more pleasant and safe for all the students, the bus rules will be enforced. Pupils who refuse to obey the directions of the bus drier promptly, or refuse to obey regulations, shall forfeit their right to ride on the buses. Bus rules are posted on the bus.

Is there an after-school program at West Elementary?

After-school programming is offered through the 21st Century Program and the C.A.S.P.E.R. program. Students have the opportunity to participate in tutorials and enrichment programs. Through the 21st Century Program, West School partners with other agencies such as the Pinal County Health Department and Coolidge Parks and Recreation Department to provide a variety of programs for our students. Through the CASPER program (Coolidge After-School Program for Education and Recreation) students meet after school until 6:00 pm and are offered a variety of organized activities. CASPER includes snacks, homework time, and transportation to West School. Pick up a CASPER brochure and registration form from the Park & Recreation
center at 660 S. Main Street or call (520) 723-4551.